Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mesh beads!

 Has anyone else looked at these and instantly thought............
Soda syphons !!!!!! or am I going crazy ;)ha ha ha

How I made the spoons

 I discovered craft sticks or wax applicators or pop sticks came in lots of different sizes!! I used the tiny ones purchaced from a discount store as mini craft sticks but have also seen them sold as eyebrow wax applicators.
 First to get the bowl shape in the spoon I used my dremel tool but if you dont have one there is another way ;)
 Find something fairly strong with a curved end ( I used the end of an old pen ...plastic but strong)
possition it at the end of the stick and gently hammer will form a nice bowl indent.
Next  repeat on the other end of the stick.then mark out your handle shape and carefully cut along the lines
 Sand the handles to make them round and shape some away from the under side of the spoon to help form the bowl shape
When you are happy with the shape simply cut the handle in the middle and you have 2 spoons .

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Im still trying to finish the long overdue mystery box Miniaussie and I have been working on all I can show you at the moment are some real wood wooden spoons Ive been making :) I think they are comming along nicely.