Monday, October 24, 2011

Putting the egg cartons to bed for a while

 This week I put the mystery box aside and did a little work on my house. Egg carton stonework I love it!

 My house is such a strange shape I wanted to make it look like it began as a small cottage ....then had rooms added to It as they were required . This corner section houses the entrance hall . The remaining sections of house will be clad.
 Heres a little bed and bedside table I made during the week also ...the colour is not right in this pic ....the next one the colours are better so although its very blurry I included it.

 The colour scheme for my bathroom...the white tiles are simply scored photo paper.
finally the colours for my kids room....unfortunately you cant see it but believe me one wall is the same blue as the pelmet. So all in all Im happy with this weeks achievements .....I even managed to do some housework LOL

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A busy week but not much to show for it.

 This week Ive been busy making items from the mystery box I cannot show you those. I made this little leather chair from an old handbag I picked up for 50c  and I have enough leather left to make a footstool to match. I wanted the chair to look loved and lived in ,so I roughed up some of the edges of the leather with sandpaper to attemp to age it and Im liking the results.
 Im also still trying to make eyes that look more realistic and I think Im getting somewhere,ok they are a bit rough but this was my first attempt at this method and I seem to have a lot of bubbles in the irises but they are around 2mm size and I know I can improve on them.I like them a lot better than the prevoius eyes I made from canes.
My sis in law reminded me that christmas is comming so I thought Id better think about in in a mini way lol .I bought these sof-twists at big w ...they are like very fluffy chenille sticks/pipe cleaners I love the deep green of them and as you can see , all Im doing is cutting them shorter twisting them together in bunches and glueing them on top of one another . I think it will eventually make a xmas tree , I will trim the finally shape when I decide its tall enough . I hope everyone had a great week :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

new week new lesson to learn.

 This week I began to learn needle felting....something Ive never tried before and this is going to take a lot of practice! But I thought I would share with you my first attempts ...the cat isnt finished . They are both too big but I will learn a little more before attempting to make them smaller ;)
 Here is a little bohemian table lamp I made from findings and 4mm bicones.
 I love these boxes :) Im always looking for storage solutions and discovered these gift boxes at a local discount store .
As you can see they come in quite a range of sizes and for $2 each I thought they were a bargain that would fit into my playroom quite nicely :)