Tuesday, August 30, 2011

no sew quilt and weaving.

 This little patchwork quilt was made by joining the seams with hemming tape (also known as fusable webbing) It is available in all kinds of widths but I found it was cheaper to buy the standard hemming tape and cut it to my desired thickness :)
 I bought a book ( yes another one lol)Making 1/12 scale wicker furniture and here is my first project a little woven blanket box.
Then I decided to have a go at a chair but wanted it to look more natural....so instead of using the suggested crochet thread I made it from kitchen twine and It worked quite well I think .

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mystery box reveal!!!!!!!!

 Remember this? MiniAussie sent me a challenge! A box of mystery items and a deadline as to when we were to finish .OK its not sept 1 but we are keen to see the results.
 In this pic some green gingham and a section of thin dowel :)
 A garden bench....my first attempt at a mable finish . Made from sections of cake tiers.
 Assorted jams and pickles ....red gingham and tiny beads cut from the string to represent onions....hopefully you can see them.
 Assorted dowels made into cans of softdrink,and food. Another section of dowel was used for the broom handle.
 More red gingham folded origami style into shirts after it was glued to paper.Some more of the beads used as fastenings and the handle of some bags made from papers.
 A clear plastic cake pillar cut and reassembled into a small table and lamp the edging is done with thin copper adhesive tape that is used in leadlighting.The designs on the table are rub on decals I also used another piece of dowel as the table leg.
 A cookie jar made from a section of cake pillar,button and bead coloured with a gold felt tipped pen
red and green gingham were used to finish this picnic basket I stained a bought basket with wood stain then lined and filled .Well thats all I managed to do I know they are small items but Im pleased with some of the results .I hope it gives you some ideas too :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Little done this week

 I was lucky enough to find this tiny chest at a salvation army store and thought it would match my bathroom setting :) It does so $2.50 well spent . I think I will use it in the bathroom to store towels.
The only thing I have managed to complete that I can show ....yet...( the other things I have been working on are from the mystery box challenge ) I am really looking forward to sept 1 to see what MiniAusie has created !

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

quick update

As you can see I now have 2 chairs ,the 2nd cushion is yet to be stitched. I also made a small wall mounted shelf from some more of the fan sections. After seeing Caseys leadlight windows I decided to have a go . All was going well .....until I decided to add colour ...I used sharpies ( felt tipped pens) as seen on another site ,but when I painted the coloured side with clear nail polish the colours bled. So I guess its back to the drawing board as to how to tint the window panels.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bargain finds

 Ive made a start on a little table to match the chair and started the second chair.Still more sanding and varnishing to go but you get the idea.
 I have been searching locally for small trimmings :( they are few and far between , but today I hit upon the idea of using the feather type wool as fringing ok looks better when its smoothed out but Im happy at 50c a ball it isnt to bad ;)
I found these mats for noodle bowls at an asian groccer they are bamboo and simply joined together with nylon thread so easy to pull apart LOL Im sure they will be useful one day :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Waiting for glue to dry :(

 remember the skirt I bought for 50c at the recycle center? Well here is a bit of it ...lol promised my sis in law I would post this today ....Im still waiting for glue to dry before doing a little bit of touching up.
A couple of little dresses I knitted.