Saturday, April 23, 2011

Entry Hall

well Im pleased with the way this is working ....and I just realised how much more there is to do......its going to take a loooonnnnggggg time but Im having fun and learning new things...thoroughly enjoying myself :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


 My dear sister in law sent me a pile of 1/12 scale pictures so I decided id better try to frame a few ....this frame is made from icypole sticks and coloured with brown shoe polish :)
 Found some buttons that the center pops out the remaining sections make really nice small frames .
and I made a few books ....guessing that means Id better start working on some sort of bookshelf ;)


ok this strange collection of things are going to turn into cacti for my pots :) tiny bullet shaped pieces of polymer clay ( baked) a dried used tea bag LOL I hate to waste anything ;) and some mohair offcuts from wigging cut into tiny pieces. first coat the clay bullets in glue then roll in the hair ....they get furry :) allow to dry then trim them til you get the look you like. Fill pot with glue and set cacti into it ....then the used tea leaves are sprinkled on to make potting mix...dont worry about getting it on the cacti it will just brush of when the whole thing is dry.....these are what i came up with :) and im guessing you could use airdry clay or anything to model the shapes with ...just paint it green .sorry everthings not in the right order...yet again but im too busy making to try and figure out how to make this work properly.....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

tip shop find

 the section so far...
 detail of the wall.
 the planks? I used to cover the wall and some other bits from the kit.
a while ago I bought parts of a wooden boat model kit ....looked like someone had started to build it and gave up.....anyway I thought it would be useful and it is :) The entrance to my house has a large staircase....some of the wood is being used for the stairs. Now one wall , the section beneath the stairs is going to be a timber feature wall, made using some of the ship planks...its shaping up nicely :) am thinking of doing wainscot pannels on the lower section of wall.( also using some timber from the boat kit ;)so my $4.00 scrap from a model is proving useful .Im happy. I also used some laminated wood sheeting from the kit to finish the inside of the archway ...and theres plenty of stuff left in the box for more projects. and Ive stained the basket i made with cold tea ...still not 100% happy with it but am thinking if I dry it completely then rub in some brown shoe polish it may look more like wicker ....guess I just love all the experimentation that Im doing with all this mini stuff :) Oh and I also filled one of my plant pots with a tiny fern? its pieces of a feather thats been dyed green ....has the delicacy of ferns and even moves in the breeze :) overall a good day was had .I hope everyone else had a good day too :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

I did it !

the shambles of a desk made a full recovery ;) and ive been continuing to experiment with weaving. I also revisited an old love ....quilling make some tiny plant pots lol now I just have to fill them :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

progress on the desk

The desk disaster is starting to look like it can be far it has been unglued sanded repaired and 2 pieces remade....but it now looks achievable :) also had a go at weaving a laundry basket ....not happy with how the top is finished but will have another attemp soon....ok back to working on the desk :) Have a good day.Oh  BTW if you are interested the basket is woven on white florists wire using crochet cotton ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

So Sweet :)

my 1/24 scale baby just arrived :) she is made by Bev Henderson in South Australia precious loving it :)

next disaster

here my next disaster I am going to attempt to rebuild.Its broken ,been assembled unsanded and has bits missing I wonder why some people even bother...also some pics for my SIL of the "house of miniatures 3 pc table"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The reason for the 1/24 scale furniture

Hubby is getting into this whole mini world as much as me and in his wisdom decided the second house he builds should be 1/24th scale so he bought me some of the tiniest dolls ive ever seen. They are so cute but I have no idea how im going to wig and dress them.

Ive been working away at some funiture I bought in a bulk lot ...they were very rough see table on left.....but after days of sanding staining and varnishing ive ended with the table on the right ......feeling very pleased with myself :)