Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hiding a hole.

I dont know why these uploaded in the wrong order but here is the hole someone kindly drilled through the bed head.....I have no Idea why , but I wasnt going to live with it like that! so as you can see in the previous pics ,I repaired a few chips and camoflaged the hole with a small section of filigree stamping and a flat back jewel . Then I set to remaking bedding .......I think I can live with it now.

Friday, December 9, 2011

More repairs and a question

 I recently purchased a collection of furniture on ebay ....Advertised as excellent condition....well it wasnt so I have a lot of fixing up to do :(
 I made a replacement leg ....havent quite matched the stain colour yet.
 then I removed the damaged red fabric and recovered it in green velvet.
 repaired a hole in the crib and made some bedding.
 made a few balls of wool and some cottons ....the lables on the wool are simply appropriate text or pattern cut from a craft catalogue. The cotton is wrapped around very thin plastic tubing.
 The notions belong in this ,which will go into my sewing room.Its made from half a cheap dresser that I bought ...the doors were all one piece and didnt open LOL I soon fixed that ;)
 This is the other half of the dresser again now opening doors and I added a shelf.
and heres a little box of fabric rolls simply  wrapped around cardboard...I think they look effective you?
So I am over being angry about recieving damaged goods almost every piece has a crack or a hole drilled in it but ....I will fix them ....Im stubborn like that!
Im a little puzzled as to how to keep my windows closed ....when I try to insert them the top window slides down .....can anyone help me please????