Sunday, March 25, 2012


 After seeing Heathers post on My Dollar Dollshouse....I just had to get the book and Im so glad I did. Thanks Heather :)
 Inside is the most wonderful instructions for making usable tiny bound books !
 Here is my first attempt , the pages are sewn together as in a large scale book.
and I found these wonderful end pages at" Just Something I"listed under freebies ....I simply resized the image. Happy with the results :)

Friday, March 23, 2012


 I think Im addicted to shrinking things .... I cut up a toothpaste tube ( when it was empty)
 then scanned it into the computer, resized it and then printed and cut out the prints.
 I found a cocktail fork was the right size for me to re curve the tube and glue it.
 When it was dry I slid it off the fork and pinched the bottom with a bit of glue inside represent the crimped end
 the other end of the tubes I then glued to paper and left to dry.
 while they were drying I rolled some thin strips of paper into tight coils for the lids.
 when the tube had dried I cut around it so the paper it was glued to closed the round end.
 then I added the coil lids.Toothpaste tubes come in lots of sizes so I made a couple different size.
 as you can see gentle presure on the tube makes it look used.
or how about a new one just being taken from the box :) Well that was fun :) whats next ;)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Iori Yagami

Not mini related but said I would share the costume I made for my son for his cosplay day ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012


 Ive been trying out the cloisonne flowers with wire and nail polish ...this is my first attempt
 Ive been shrinking all sorts of things from my pantry.
I discovered that wooden vertical blinds are made of bass wood so heres my first attempt at using a slat from the blind to make a desk.....I dont know if you can see but I have discovered that the furniture touch up pens will work on rubber stamps Ive added a bit of a pattern :) Other things I have been working on cant be revealed yet as they are from the mystery box Miniaussie and I are challenged with.