Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So far this week

 Ive been making a lot of books and thought Id make a bookcase its altered slightly but from the 1/12th scale wicker book. I like it and have decided I must make another wicker chair in white for this room.
 Ive made over a cot below is the original fabric . I like the yellow a lot more :)

 I Bought a tool for setting tiny eyelets ....its called a silent setter so hopefully the next corset I make will have the eyelets for lacing :)
 Heres a little something I found useful while weaving ...a toothpick holder , It held the thread nicely ,kept it clean and allowed me to take the project away with me for a few days.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

discount store find

 Ive no idea why the order of these images changed .......anyway this is a lid of a moccona coffee jar decorated for my daughter who has just started scrapbooking ..I filled the jar itself with an assortment of papers glues and embelishments.
 This is the lid reassembled.
 Here is my discount store find :) tiny artificial plants perfect for by the front door to my house :)
As for the new mystery box ....this is what I sent to MiniAussie ,I have the same ....the idea is to build a scene inside it .......should be interesting.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The coffee experiment and peg shoes?

 Here is what the coffee coloured glue sticks look like ...its acceptable from a distance but is great for making kitchen messes :) ha ha . As these glue sticks are for attaching hair extentions I will try to get some blonde and play with those too :)
 I came across a malaysian site ok thats not the exact page the shoes are on but Im sure you could find them if you are interested ;)
 they are carved from a peg then the uppers are added ...anyway Im giving them a try.
 Ive had a change of heart on the curtains for my bedroom....this is too dark and impossing for me ...
so I thought Id lighten it up with a pale floral and some amazing lace ...well back to it for me I guess I will have to remake pelmets .

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

welcome rain

 I am making slow progress on my house ...stairways now all complete and time to finish all the windows ....then I can finally get some furniture into a few rooms :)
 This is a little something I found on ebay, coffee coloured glue sticks .....yes Im going to try filling cups with it ;) I will keep you posted on whether or not this is a sucess.
 Making loads of books from free printies :) and a very bad pic of a tiny pin cushion I made.
I live in Tasmania and we have been suffering with bushfires ,high temperatures and severe winds. My friends and family in the state are all ok. Now the fires are in Victoria and NSW so I now worry about friends and family on the mainland, particularily my parents ...they are both volunteer fire fighters and I have not managed to make contact with them for a few days....Im sure they are ok ,just busy protecting people and property.