Tuesday, January 8, 2013

welcome rain

 I am making slow progress on my house ...stairways now all complete and time to finish all the windows ....then I can finally get some furniture into a few rooms :)
 This is a little something I found on ebay, coffee coloured glue sticks .....yes Im going to try filling cups with it ;) I will keep you posted on whether or not this is a sucess.
 Making loads of books from free printies :) and a very bad pic of a tiny pin cushion I made.
I live in Tasmania and we have been suffering with bushfires ,high temperatures and severe winds. My friends and family in the state are all ok. Now the fires are in Victoria and NSW so I now worry about friends and family on the mainland, particularily my parents ...they are both volunteer fire fighters and I have not managed to make contact with them for a few days....Im sure they are ok ,just busy protecting people and property.


  1. Hello Kez,
    I can't wait to see the coffee experiment. The books are looking wonderful as well as that lovely pin cushion. Good work.
    I'll be thinking of your parents and all the people on the mainland and hoping for rain.
    Big hug to you and your courageous parents,

  2. Your folks will be safe I'm sure <3 - I do admire their work! The fires raging across Aus are devastating - amazed nobody was hurt in the Tassie fires. Keep safe.. in case they come close to you.
    Loving the work you are doing too - you amaze me with the things you create!

  3. Thanks Mini Aussie , I spoke to my mum this morning ...they are safe