Thursday, September 27, 2012

Still playing with plants.

 Heres a little geranium I made ....Im going mad I actually scanned and reduced leaves from an actual plant ...very time consuming! The planter is a plastic lid coated in pva and sand then painted ...the pepples in the pot are kittylitter .
 I have been out doing some real gardening ....just a little hahaha I got distracted when moving a lime from a pot to the garden and noticed these tiny roots ....they reminded me of those dried twisty branches that are popular for home I dried some out in the sun ...they are fragile but I like the look.
 Ive been attempting to make carnations but not happy yet I need to get the bulb below the flowers smaller I will keep trying.
 I also noticed these pods on the she oak ....they almost look like pinapples to me ...I wonder if with a little paint and some paper leaves at the top...hmmm I may try ;)
and finally heres a pic of some unfinished watches ,Im liking the way they are looking , the straps are suede and the faces are reduced on the computer ...they are so tiny ....then I added a tiny drop of tacky glue on top of the images to give them a more 3d look I said not finished but they are working ....I think.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Little Gardening

 The past few days Ive been trying to make some are the results .The little brass looking pot is made from a rubber stopper from the bottom of a chrome chair leg . The plant in it is made with florists wire and masking tape. The hanging plant is tiny punched out hearts and circles ,I made the pot from air dry clay and macramed the hanger. The other little pot you see is a gum nut with the bottom sawn of so it would stand.I think its been a productive few days :) although plants are so time consuming.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

quick makeovers

 I bought some tiny dolls from a party shop ...badly painted party favours here you see after and before......big improvement :)
 I also got some imitation gold leaf and have been messing around with that ...ok not perfect but a definite improvement on the cheap plastic frames ...Do you agree?

Friday, September 7, 2012


 Im loving this book! Its not a book of minis but has fantastic photos of all kinds of ingredients :)
Not a great pic but heres a page with a wee fishy I made from fimo then painted :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

For Heather

Heather of My Dollar Dollshouse and I seem to have quite a bit in common ...she just posted a painting she did of Blue Dog ......If you look in this pic next to ART TODAY there is Blue peeking out LOL

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mystery Box

 things are a little out of order here sorry ....Dont know if its blogger being silly today or my brain ;) I glued some of the wooden pieces together and began carving.
 A little stain and believe me you will see the finished item somewhere among this mess :(
 I cut the top from a lid
 glued a section of golf tee to the bottom and made a cake stand ...finished item later
 here I used bamboo, sticks pop sticks ,plastic container from a punch and other plastic containers , parts of the medical stick on patches to make the lids of the toiletry containers

 from the two matching fabrics I made a bonnet
 this had me stumped for a long while but,....
 I turned it over and used it to mould tiny dolls for the girls in the dolls house
 the insert from the soda lids and the lids from the soy sauce bottles were left as it for a picnic set
 Here he is .../.the carving from earlier ....its supposed to be a hobby horse ;)
 The plastic section from the patches make great fun plates

 A siutcase lined with fabric from the box
 A very 80s dress made with more of the same fabric
 A basket from the bottom of the mint tin
 A toy rocket using the wing nut
 the cake stand after a coat of paint

 more lids cut from the medical patches
 the top of the mint container was seperated from the lid lining and the lining used as a baking tray
I know miniaussie hasnt finished yet but I need to post mine and move on.I know this is all a bit of a jumble but you can get the idea...I hope