Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hiding a hole.

I dont know why these uploaded in the wrong order but here is the hole someone kindly drilled through the bed head.....I have no Idea why , but I wasnt going to live with it like that! so as you can see in the previous pics ,I repaired a few chips and camoflaged the hole with a small section of filigree stamping and a flat back jewel . Then I set to remaking bedding .......I think I can live with it now.

Friday, December 9, 2011

More repairs and a question

 I recently purchased a collection of furniture on ebay ....Advertised as excellent condition....well it wasnt so I have a lot of fixing up to do :(
 I made a replacement leg ....havent quite matched the stain colour yet.
 then I removed the damaged red fabric and recovered it in green velvet.
 repaired a hole in the crib and made some bedding.
 made a few balls of wool and some cottons ....the lables on the wool are simply appropriate text or pattern cut from a craft catalogue. The cotton is wrapped around very thin plastic tubing.
 The notions belong in this ,which will go into my sewing room.Its made from half a cheap dresser that I bought ...the doors were all one piece and didnt open LOL I soon fixed that ;)
 This is the other half of the dresser again now opening doors and I added a shelf.
and heres a little box of fabric rolls simply  wrapped around cardboard...I think they look effective you?
So I am over being angry about recieving damaged goods almost every piece has a crack or a hole drilled in it but ....I will fix them ....Im stubborn like that!
Im a little puzzled as to how to keep my windows closed ....when I try to insert them the top window slides down .....can anyone help me please????

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The silly season is upon us

 As my house wont be finished in time I wanted to get a little seasonal I made a silly little room box from a multi pack of snacks.

 I covered the outside with contact and made walls floor etc from matt board.Then downloaded some free printable wall paper.
 I made myself a quiet corner to sit and get in the mood by writting my christmas cards ,wrapping gifts and decorating the tree.
 A calm and peaceful scene now its all done.
 So I descided to sit and reward my hrd work with a glass of red win and some christmas cookies.
 Soon I fell asleep.....and I had a nightmare!
 or should I say a permonition lol of the mess I would have to clean up on christmas day....

Im sure its worth it all though as precious time is spent with family and friends . I wish you all a very safe and happy christmas .....and I hope you dont end up with a mess like mine to clean up xxxx

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mystery Box 2 Reveal part 2 ( why I was impressed with the fireplace)

 I dont really need to say anything.... we have all seen these really bad click together kits ;) I wondered if they could be made usable ..I will let the pics show you :)

 and here is sort of how I made the carosel.

Mystery Box 2 Reveal

 Well heres the first few things I guess first I should tell you what they started as (eg what I used from the box)
fabric for the blind,clear plastic for the fish tank, the table and stool used plastic pipes from a construction set ( the ends of the pipes then made the planters) the top of the stool is a plastic that is designed as a non slip drawer liner.
 closer view of the table etc.
 the fish tank :) Im happy with this , I struggled so much trying to work with EZ water and no matter what I did It would always turn yellow lol so I have a lot of failed tanks sitting around. In the end I gave up and glued the fish I made from fimo to som sections of aquarium plant to give the impression of water.
 Hmmm now whats in this picture ...let me see crochet cotton ok thats obvious. you can just see a little tiger made from a chenille stick. the pram started as a plastic egg ( the kind you buy at easter to fill with treats and decorate) The toy carosel is made from a section of cork and some jewellry findings. The bean bag is made from the fabric ( I filled it with the micro beads you can get in some cushions, so it actually has tiny beans in it and has the feel of a bean bag. A pirate toy chest , made from half a plastic barrel ( from construction toys) and sections of filigree stampings for the handles ,lock etc.
 oh heres the little tiger.

 Then I decided to open a fancy dress hire shop! at the moment it has only limited stock he he but you get the idea. The parasol is made from lace and a paper umbrella . The kimono is blue fabric from the box. The fairy costume uses sections cut from the lace as decorations. The wig is ...a pop pom ...I pulled it apart to attempt to use the fibres for needle felting ! LOL it worked! Hair decorations on the wig are the prongs from plastic cocktail forks with beads. The black hat is a safty cone from the construction set with the point cut off.

 Oh and here comes the thing that I even impressed myself with HEHE .
 The handles of the coctail forks were used as decorative columns ,more filligree sections used on the "cast iron" section of the fire place. The planter is a black wooden flower bead. The coal scuttle is a golf tee section and some more of the pipe as used in table etc and some more of the filligee stamping. The broom was a light from the construcion set.

 and a little tea pot made from a glass bead and some findings.
these boxes are so much fun, at times frustrating ,but make you look at everything in a mini way :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little I can share this week

well I had some dental work done and  didnt feel much like doing anything. I said Id keep you posted on what was going to happen to the eyes .....I bet you all thought it was going to be gory ! I wanted to actally use them in dolls lol! I used a mould for the gypsys face  ....she isnt finished yet but will get there ;) and Ive been making a few christmas treats .....but most of my time has been spent on trying to get a few things completed from the mystery box before time runs out !!!!