Friday, December 9, 2011

More repairs and a question

 I recently purchased a collection of furniture on ebay ....Advertised as excellent condition....well it wasnt so I have a lot of fixing up to do :(
 I made a replacement leg ....havent quite matched the stain colour yet.
 then I removed the damaged red fabric and recovered it in green velvet.
 repaired a hole in the crib and made some bedding.
 made a few balls of wool and some cottons ....the lables on the wool are simply appropriate text or pattern cut from a craft catalogue. The cotton is wrapped around very thin plastic tubing.
 The notions belong in this ,which will go into my sewing room.Its made from half a cheap dresser that I bought ...the doors were all one piece and didnt open LOL I soon fixed that ;)
 This is the other half of the dresser again now opening doors and I added a shelf.
and heres a little box of fabric rolls simply  wrapped around cardboard...I think they look effective you?
So I am over being angry about recieving damaged goods almost every piece has a crack or a hole drilled in it but ....I will fix them ....Im stubborn like that!
Im a little puzzled as to how to keep my windows closed ....when I try to insert them the top window slides down .....can anyone help me please????


  1. It's not really good enough that items are sold on ebay and damaged when you receive them. However,you have really done some great make-overs. I like the new green cover on the settee. About the windows, do you mean the house windows? if so, perhaps the tiniest spot of glue on the sides should keep them in place or you could try putting a teeny piece of blue-tack there to hold them.

  2. yes the windows for my dolls house , Im going to try holding the top window in place with some tacky wax should be less obvious than blu tack ,thanks sandie :)