Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The silly season is upon us

 As my house wont be finished in time I wanted to get a little seasonal I made a silly little room box from a multi pack of snacks.

 I covered the outside with contact and made walls floor etc from matt board.Then downloaded some free printable wall paper.
 I made myself a quiet corner to sit and get in the mood by writting my christmas cards ,wrapping gifts and decorating the tree.
 A calm and peaceful scene now its all done.
 So I descided to sit and reward my hrd work with a glass of red win and some christmas cookies.
 Soon I fell asleep.....and I had a nightmare!
 or should I say a permonition lol of the mess I would have to clean up on christmas day....

Im sure its worth it all though as precious time is spent with family and friends . I wish you all a very safe and happy christmas .....and I hope you dont end up with a mess like mine to clean up xxxx


  1. Brilliant!! I love how you made the morning mess too!! Your tree turned out gorgeous :) Now put it up in your lounge room and be festive ;-) xxxx

  2. It's just great! I love your diy work, you are very resourseful and inspiring.

  3. Not silly at all! Very lovely! I especially love the red wine and Christmas cookies. ;-)