Tuesday, November 8, 2011

taking steps to finish the house.

egg cartons return again.....this time to make steps to lead to my french doors .I cut the bricks and layed them with PVA glue and gave the whole thing a coat of red oxide.
 when the paint was dry I then drybrushed with yellow oxide and raw sienna .
 when they had dried again I used grey grout and wiped it all over the surface making sure it settled in the mortar strips, waited five minutes then wiped the brick surfaces with a damp cloth.
So this is how they ended ...there is one more step attached to the house .....which I have finished cladding and painted . The window frames are in the process of being painted . Oops I need another 1000 shingles to finish the roof. So thats 2000 shingles and 12 sheets of cladding , 14 windows to paint and 2 external doors to paint .....lol why did I start such a big project .....I thought miniatures wouldnt take up much room ;)


  1. AWESOME brickwork!! What do you use for grout? Again.. amazed at the wonders you come up with!! All that work is paying off ;-)
    Um.. yeh.. I'm with you on the *mini* space thing.. shocked at how much room it takes LOL Miniature meant SMALL .. didn't it??
    Not so... haha!

  2. Thanks I actually use grout ;)

  3. Thanks MiniAussie, you asked my question. The steps look fantastic Kez and I agree that mini's shouldn't take up quite so much room. Just like babies, such small things but such large amounts of belongings to go with them!!

  4. Who would believe these were once egg carton!
    A wonderful brickwork!