Wednesday, November 27, 2013

wee dollies

 Ive been making polymer clay dolls the 2 above are the smallest so far ....

each one is different ...they are quirky but I like them :)

Friday, September 13, 2013


well what can I say...trying to shame myself into getting these finished ;)
 My Daughter and I painted these and I must get around to framing them... I did the flower ...its about an inch square.
 partially done woodland scene ( a MET project)
 I made too many toadstools lol
 Flocking plastic animals.

 really must do some work on these :(
Another shot of my woodland scene ...not happy with the water but it will do ....bluebell flowers are made from cold porcelain , toadstools are polymer clay and tiny yellow paper flowers ....the birds nest is a gum nut that has begun to decompose. Anyway the box is small and I have plans for in the lid too ;) aprox 10x 15cm . Ok ....they are out there now ...lets hope it makes me finish them ;)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Im lost /Dads latest project

Ok the header is confusing but Im totally lacking motivation at the moment :/ but it will pass :) Heres an update on Dads latest project .
 He's building a replica of the houses in the village we lived in in South Yorkshire.
 There were 6 houses to each block .These houses all shared the same yard.

gates for the yard.He's doing a fantastic job ...yet again :)

 Looking good :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

home made flower soft?

 packing foam ......would make great snow drifts but not sure it would work for flowers.
 Thin sheets of foam seemed to work well .
 Makeup sponges gave a smaller more dense crumb and the humble kitchen sponge worked well too. (although Im not sure if I can find white ones)
There are lots of tutorials for home made flower soft on the net so I thought Id give it a go . Here are the results using different foams. ( not dry yet but wanted to share it :) The first thing I did was grate the foam. I then added the gratings to water ( the amount didnt seem to matter) and used my stick mixer to blend it up more . I then strained the foam from the water and added some colourings to some just to see how they came out . :) Interesting results and different textures .

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dads MOJO deserves a beer.

As you can see Dad's been busy :) yes his boat is named MOJO . He made it mostly from icypole sticks ....Im amazed !
 So cheers Dad here's a beer for you ;)
 Ive also been making some succulents and cacti
Heres another beer .These are made from the lid of a yoghurt container heated with a lighter then pushed (in the melted section) with a chopstick to make the glass shape .Filled with resin ....I dont know if you can see the tiny bubbles in this one ....but I did a lot of careful stirring to get tiny bubbles in the beer :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

finished cakes and toothpick dolls

 A wee bit blurry but heres my toothpick dolls ...they need to have the sticks cut off,but I left them on to show the scale ;)
 Remember last post I showed roses made from cartoon clay ....well here they are on winecork cakes :)
Simple but effective :) Im happy with these :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cup of Soup and inspiration.

 I dont know how many of you have seen this stuff .....Im loving it ! Its a modelling compound that dries like foam and is really light and easy to shape or roll into paper thin sheets .
 Here is a few (of many) roses that I made to decorate cakes.
 Heres where the cup of soup comes in ....I looked at the foil pack and wondered .....It reminded me of the inside of chip packets grabbed some printies from the net ,printed them onto paper,stuck it to the paper covered side of the foil ,glossed it then made some snack packets :) and some paint tubes ...Im sure this stuff will have many uses.
 Not content with making just sealed packs I started making chips (crisps) from fimo was fiddly and I found it hard to get them off the tile without them breaking I resorted to the foam modelling compound for making doritos and twisties ....much easier and is air drying :)
 While I had the fimo out I made several dozen cupcakes ( yes I like doing things in bulk lol)
and heres a few more bits of jewelry.
I hope you are all well and those in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the warmer weather . Those in the south are heading into winter.......a great time for cups of soup ;)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

 I am still here and working on getting my "mojo" back .... Ive got 3 more windows in the house and been working on a few little things (pun intended)....I will let the pictures speak for themselves ;)