Monday, May 20, 2013

Dads MOJO deserves a beer.

As you can see Dad's been busy :) yes his boat is named MOJO . He made it mostly from icypole sticks ....Im amazed !
 So cheers Dad here's a beer for you ;)
 Ive also been making some succulents and cacti
Heres another beer .These are made from the lid of a yoghurt container heated with a lighter then pushed (in the melted section) with a chopstick to make the glass shape .Filled with resin ....I dont know if you can see the tiny bubbles in this one ....but I did a lot of careful stirring to get tiny bubbles in the beer :)


  1. Love your little plants!! Great job.. and the beer is awesome!!
    VERY impressed with your dads work too! So pleased he has got into this stuff :) It's great to see a man's perspective on miniature making!

  2. The cacti look wonderful. I love the beer. Great work.
    The boat your father built is stunning. Talent runs in the family.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Hello Kez,
    Both of you are amazing. Everything is just perfect.
    Big hug to you both,