Monday, June 3, 2013

home made flower soft?

 packing foam ......would make great snow drifts but not sure it would work for flowers.
 Thin sheets of foam seemed to work well .
 Makeup sponges gave a smaller more dense crumb and the humble kitchen sponge worked well too. (although Im not sure if I can find white ones)
There are lots of tutorials for home made flower soft on the net so I thought Id give it a go . Here are the results using different foams. ( not dry yet but wanted to share it :) The first thing I did was grate the foam. I then added the gratings to water ( the amount didnt seem to matter) and used my stick mixer to blend it up more . I then strained the foam from the water and added some colourings to some just to see how they came out . :) Interesting results and different textures .


  1. Great Post Kez!! <3 I'd never have thought of doing this with sponges and the likes :) xxxxx

  2. Hewllo Kez,
    That is a great idea. thanks for the tip.
    Big hug,

  3. A great idea Kez. I use the make-up sponge shapes for dabbing ink onto my greeting cards so I think if you broke them up you would also have the colors as well.
    Why don't I think of things like that?
    Blessings, Vicki.

    1. Im sure you could do this with your used shapes to make matching flower soft to decorate your projects :)