Monday, January 24, 2011

just fiddling

 not sure that my dolls will be dressed quite like this but it was a learning exercise....I even crotcheted the collar!
 more sewing.
 more Lesley Manieri's patterns.Last but not least was looking at the gifts from my brother in law.....the toilet rolls seem to be pieces of dowel wrapped to look like toilet decided to make some rolls lol....and while im at it im going to try and make one of those little dolls that cover the toilet roll far got a tiny basic upper made from polymer clay .I guess i have to try and crochet the skirt for it now.....It may happen LOL
ok the past few days have been spent messing around with bits and pieces....had lots of failures and got a bit of inspiration so heres a little of whats going on.....

Monday, January 17, 2011


since the wood arrived we have had a lot of no action on the building front. The weather is improving now so hopefully a start should be made this week :) What have I been doing? well very little but I have finished some clothes for my now builder/forman ....he will oversee the building of my house. I finally finished knitting the booties for my baby doll and have been practicing putting hair on dolls (using the heads I burnt and the fleece I got cheap) The mohair has arrived but I think I will practice some more with the wool and the dud heads until I am happy to use the mohair.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bargain :)

ok wood arrives tomorow but on my way stopped into recycle center and for $2.50 got a large bag of fleece in 3 shades .....hoping to give putting hair on my dolls a try with this b4 mohair arrives and a wool blend skirt nice thin fabric suitable for making dolls suits.....I hope and a 3 cm round cutter :) im happy

taking shape :)

ok covered the wadding and its starting to look worth dressing this guy :) also got the book I ordered with the money from my parents for xmas Thanks xxxx

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A gift

My brother in law sent me a mini gift :) nice suprise.
 working on a finishing a doll....I have way too many unfinished projects....really need to focus and see things through to completion.
 really like this face ....but its a bit big ...need to keep refering to scale instead of just going with the flow....but I find it hard to work that way....again need to focus :(
 Gifts from my brother in law :)
 why do my faces all look male and kinda sad..... guess i need to do a lot more practice....but they do have character!
 Lol bad angle but the neck is really too long .....all a learning process ;)
 cake slices and easter egg.... tried to fuse fabric to plate using liquid polymer clay...almost worked ....guess i will continue experimenting with that too.
 another cake .....trying different ways to get the texture in the cake ....not really happy with adding other things to the clay to create the texture in pic .....thinking I just have to do it the slow way ....scratching it in with a fine pin. Finally im attempting a baby doll for my girl doll.....detail almost impossible at this scale  but not bad :) need to repace the black elastic with was all I had on hand and wanted to make sure everything fit together .
Still working on trying to make a doll .....I WILL NOT give in . I think I just have to stop comparing my attempts to those of people who have been doing this for 10 years or more. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

E Bay

I have now sold 6 food items on E Bay ....3 to Aus and # to USA ...funny to think my food will be in a dolls house in Munster USA !

heres some more of whats going on...and my stove i got for xmas

 tea for 2
 gotta love white meat lol
 tea set
 baking pies
 Im happy with this one but had to resort to premaking the eyes fiddly
 failed heads!!!!
 detail of stove :)
 another detail...and finally an overall view of the stove i LOOOVE it :)
more mini things im putting my hand too....including a pic of my failed you may be able to tell not wasting them ....they may become zombies ;)