Monday, January 3, 2011

heres some more of whats going on...and my stove i got for xmas

 tea for 2
 gotta love white meat lol
 tea set
 baking pies
 Im happy with this one but had to resort to premaking the eyes fiddly
 failed heads!!!!
 detail of stove :)
 another detail...and finally an overall view of the stove i LOOOVE it :)
more mini things im putting my hand too....including a pic of my failed you may be able to tell not wasting them ....they may become zombies ;)


  1. Wow!! I LOVE the stove!! You've been very busy again.. love the tea sets! :)
    Hey one of those heads looks like slimb lol

  2. lol only one i thought they were all kinda looking like him pmsl

  3. What are the heads made of? There is no way I could ever tackle them - no idea at all about making things like that :)