Saturday, January 8, 2011

A gift

My brother in law sent me a mini gift :) nice suprise.
 working on a finishing a doll....I have way too many unfinished projects....really need to focus and see things through to completion.
 really like this face ....but its a bit big ...need to keep refering to scale instead of just going with the flow....but I find it hard to work that way....again need to focus :(
 Gifts from my brother in law :)
 why do my faces all look male and kinda sad..... guess i need to do a lot more practice....but they do have character!
 Lol bad angle but the neck is really too long .....all a learning process ;)
 cake slices and easter egg.... tried to fuse fabric to plate using liquid polymer clay...almost worked ....guess i will continue experimenting with that too.
 another cake .....trying different ways to get the texture in the cake ....not really happy with adding other things to the clay to create the texture in pic .....thinking I just have to do it the slow way ....scratching it in with a fine pin. Finally im attempting a baby doll for my girl doll.....detail almost impossible at this scale  but not bad :) need to repace the black elastic with was all I had on hand and wanted to make sure everything fit together .
Still working on trying to make a doll .....I WILL NOT give in . I think I just have to stop comparing my attempts to those of people who have been doing this for 10 years or more. 


  1. Wow Kez.. couldn't even begin to make faces like you are - they're gorgeous. Character is good - they're individual!!! You have so much more patience than I do.. and persistence! I envy that. Those boots on the first pic are SOOOOO cute!!!

  2. Btw.. re cakes and breads...
    I watched a bread making vid on youtube.. they used sandpaper - pressed the bread onto it...
    and for cake.. using foam type stuff for the cake bits?
    Personally of course haven't tried either yet.. but got my pastels the other day!!

  3. yes I have tried both methods but the results were not as good as actually making the marks myself ....guess Im too fussy ;)