Sunday, May 29, 2011


 I read a tutorial yesterday on flower making here are my first attempts at Iris's.
 The kitchen is starting to take shape so I had better measure up the floor for the tiles ....I intend on having white skirting boards and a white wood strip along the top of the tiles (made by printing free printie on photo paper and embossing between the tiles ) I think the colours will go well with my stove :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The House is inside

 OK so its still bearly a shell but it will get there ;)
 The first flight of stairs sitting in place....the floor boards have arrived so I can continue.
moved the house inside ...while it would still fit .Im happy as it was getting cold out in the shed ,so now I am able to continue work inside.Ive also been playing around with making fimo tiles for the kitchen floor...I think its going to work.I was going to buy some flock to make bathmats etc but hit upon the idea of trimming the fluff of pompoms and yippee it worked.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quick update

Ive been attempting to grout my egg carton stonework its looking ok :) and have discovered a lot of aquarium plants are suitable(with a little work) to make 1/12 scale plants just a shame the packs are so big ...guess i have enough plant material to make a garden now lol. also painting and continuing second flight of stairs and awaiting the arrival of my shingles and cladding...may try to move the house  inside this weekend as its getting too cold to work in the shed .Oh and the other cacti type thing is a tiny she oak nut...if nut is the right word lol

Saturday, May 14, 2011


 I bought a small bike suitable for a child wasnt happy with it all being blue :(
 so I added some paint :)
and a little leather seat much happier now :) Its standing on my first attempt at the egg carton stones you can find the tutorial for this at victorias miniland ,Im liking the way the stones work and think i will use this to finish the lower part of my houses exterior :)...with a grey grouting I think to represent concrete ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

bits and pieces

  a duster made with a tooth pick and a pom pom trimmed down the sides. An un opening umbrella made from a toothpick some jewelry findings and a little fabric and lace ....both were prototypes to test how they would work....Im guessing they will be developed further before im happy lol
 and a work in progress this house isnt going to be electrified I decided to try and make as many light fittings and fixtures as I can myself heres my first ...not quite finished yet but well on the way made with crystals ,glass beads and jewellry findings .
more books I think Im addicted to making these lol.