Thursday, May 5, 2011

bits and pieces

  a duster made with a tooth pick and a pom pom trimmed down the sides. An un opening umbrella made from a toothpick some jewelry findings and a little fabric and lace ....both were prototypes to test how they would work....Im guessing they will be developed further before im happy lol
 and a work in progress this house isnt going to be electrified I decided to try and make as many light fittings and fixtures as I can myself heres my first ...not quite finished yet but well on the way made with crystals ,glass beads and jewellry findings .
more books I think Im addicted to making these lol.


  1. Again lovely work Kez - love the little parasol and wow that chandelier would have taken some patience!! Will look gorgeous in your house :))
    Loving the books, they're quite fun hey!
    Great idea for the duster too - i'd never have thought of a duster - hmm possibly coz I rarely use one ;-)


  2. He conocido su blog a través del de su hermana, seguiré los progresos que hace en su bonita casa. Un saludo, Eva