Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quick update

Ive been attempting to grout my egg carton stonework its looking ok :) and have discovered a lot of aquarium plants are suitable(with a little work) to make 1/12 scale plants just a shame the packs are so big ...guess i have enough plant material to make a garden now lol. also painting and continuing second flight of stairs and awaiting the arrival of my shingles and cladding...may try to move the house  inside this weekend as its getting too cold to work in the shed .Oh and the other cacti type thing is a tiny she oak nut...if nut is the right word lol


  1. Plants look great Kez.. haven't seen that grassmat stuff before! Loving the stonework - what are you grouting with? Looks awesome :)

  2. grey grout the kind you mix up yourself ...thanks