Friday, February 22, 2013

Typical, no posts for weeks then 3 in 24hrs

 I made a planter box type of thing this morning and heres what I used.....

 Heres the finished result ready to hang on an external wall.....well almost
I guess I get to make more plants ,ha ha ha

Remember when....

remember late last year my parents came to stay with me and I got my Dad interested in minis ....well he has converted his Aviary into a shed. I also showed him the joys of youtube tutorials having his shed he bagan his first step towards miniing :) He made a miniature working lathe from a sewing machine motor ....Here are his pics , and I hope he keeps me updated on his projects so that I can share them with you :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I am still here

 As usual I have my pics all out of order ....again :( Oh well bear with me please. Ive been working on some flowers for my flower seller.
 There are some amazing tutorials on 1 inch minis , the link should be on my blogs list :)I am always amazed at what she can make from paper I decided to give one a go ,here it is in progress.
 Ive been soaking and dying moss ha ha I think I have enough for 10 years;)
 The bunches of lavender were made from these flower stamens I found in a cake decorating shop.They are painted with washes of colour ...they work for me :)
 I bought a border cutter with a tiny leaf pattern on it I need to seperate the leaves ( I think they will work for roses :)
 Here I was trying to prove to myself that not having a particular resorce readily available ( such as quilling paper) I shouldnt be detered from making minis :) This is a half made jug ,I wanted to show you it before I painted it etc so that you can see I have simply used junk mail catalogue, When the pattern called for card I just glued pages together til it was thick enough .....I love recycling :)
 Here  are 2 jugs I made from the tutorial the one on the right is finished as it is on 1inch minis ....but  the one on the left I took a different approach and gave it a textured finish and attempted to make it look like aged copper ....Im having fun with these ...they will probably pop up in all kinds of guises ;)
last but not least the view (dollshouse ) from the top bedroom ( 3rd floor) down the staircase ....hmm guess I should have vacuumed before I took this !!!!