Friday, February 22, 2013

Remember when....

remember late last year my parents came to stay with me and I got my Dad interested in minis ....well he has converted his Aviary into a shed. I also showed him the joys of youtube tutorials having his shed he bagan his first step towards miniing :) He made a miniature working lathe from a sewing machine motor ....Here are his pics , and I hope he keeps me updated on his projects so that I can share them with you :)


  1. Envy!! That's a man cave I'd die for.....

  2. Clever old fart isn't he? I love the shed and look forward to seeing some finished mini's.

  3. I'm SOOO jealous!! *sob* we ALL need a man-cave like that! Awesome.. and how good is he to be making a mini lathe! Smart man! Can't wait to see what he produces! :)