Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Im lost /Dads latest project

Ok the header is confusing but Im totally lacking motivation at the moment :/ but it will pass :) Heres an update on Dads latest project .
 He's building a replica of the houses in the village we lived in in South Yorkshire.
 There were 6 houses to each block .These houses all shared the same yard.

gates for the yard.He's doing a fantastic job ...yet again :)

 Looking good :)


  1. They look great. Its a nice idea to make one of your childhood homes.

  2. What a great project your Dad is doing a brilliant job! Hope your DH mojo comes back soon!!

  3. Hello Kez,
    That is wonderful. Such a fantastic project and so well done. Your dad rules!
    Big hug,

  4. Fantástico y muy original. Un saludo, Eva

  5. Wow!! Your dad is really getting into this - and what amazing work he is doing!! I think you have created a monster ;-) Give him my love, and tell him I'm super impressed with his work!! You'll get your mojo back soon, I'm sure of it ;-) xxxx