Friday, September 13, 2013


well what can I say...trying to shame myself into getting these finished ;)
 My Daughter and I painted these and I must get around to framing them... I did the flower ...its about an inch square.
 partially done woodland scene ( a MET project)
 I made too many toadstools lol
 Flocking plastic animals.

 really must do some work on these :(
Another shot of my woodland scene ...not happy with the water but it will do ....bluebell flowers are made from cold porcelain , toadstools are polymer clay and tiny yellow paper flowers ....the birds nest is a gum nut that has begun to decompose. Anyway the box is small and I have plans for in the lid too ;) aprox 10x 15cm . Ok ....they are out there now ...lets hope it makes me finish them ;)


  1. Wowsers!! your woodland scene is brilliant! I don't see any issue with the water either, from here it looks like it's flowing! Beautiful!! Great to see you mini'ing again - hoping to get back on it again soon :) Flocking plastic animals is something I'd never considered too :) Dunno HOW you ever have the patience for all this.. and those paintings.. wow!!! Xxxxxxx

  2. Beautiful woodland scene. I love your bluebells. I also love your flocking. I thought the dog was felted. The paintings look great too. Carry on, your ideas are very inspiring.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Hello Kez,
    Your work is just lovely. The woodland scene is fantastic and the animals are looking great!
    Big hug,