Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little I can share this week

well I had some dental work done and  didnt feel much like doing anything. I said Id keep you posted on what was going to happen to the eyes .....I bet you all thought it was going to be gory ! I wanted to actally use them in dolls lol! I used a mould for the gypsys face  ....she isnt finished yet but will get there ;) and Ive been making a few christmas treats .....but most of my time has been spent on trying to get a few things completed from the mystery box before time runs out !!!!


  1. LOL there goes the gory bits then!! She looks gorgeous! Did you make her dress too? Love the candies they look edible!!

  2. yes her clothes are ....im ashamed to say ....glued on LOL the fabric for the skirt was very stiff so I kept scrunching it up and rolling in in my hands til I was happy with it