Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Inaccurate guesswork

 This is an unfinished archway.
 here is one almost completed, big improvement I think.
 my arches are not exact lol a little like my guesswork,so I put matt board behind the arch and traced the shape onto it.
 Then I decided what thickness I wanted the framing to be and cut 2 straight lenghts from matt board the desired width.
 I then ran along the edges with an embossing tool to soften them.
 The straight section was then used as a measure to draw the thickness of the arch...by simply placing ,marking,placing marking etc then joining the dots.

I then used this as a template for the other side of the archway. The matt board was coloured with a furniture touch up pen ( thanks to MiniAussie) and a small piece of matt board cut to cover the join.I must get back to my shingles now ....oh and the egg cartons are back out for another job this week.


  1. Always thinking outside the square! Love how the arch came up, when I looked at the first pic I couldn't figure out HOW you might have done that! Looks great! Shame about the cladding - when you've got so far, hope it arrives soon xxxx

  2. Actually the cladding arrived this afternoon ...so its full steam ahead tomorow :)

  3. I'm so glad I found your mini blog today! :-)

  4. Thankyou and welcome Jennifer :)

  5. I din't know your blog! I'll be here to see the advances of this mini-project! :)

  6. Welcome Lelen please feel free to give me advice as this is all new to me :)