Thursday, September 27, 2012

Still playing with plants.

 Heres a little geranium I made ....Im going mad I actually scanned and reduced leaves from an actual plant ...very time consuming! The planter is a plastic lid coated in pva and sand then painted ...the pepples in the pot are kittylitter .
 I have been out doing some real gardening ....just a little hahaha I got distracted when moving a lime from a pot to the garden and noticed these tiny roots ....they reminded me of those dried twisty branches that are popular for home I dried some out in the sun ...they are fragile but I like the look.
 Ive been attempting to make carnations but not happy yet I need to get the bulb below the flowers smaller I will keep trying.
 I also noticed these pods on the she oak ....they almost look like pinapples to me ...I wonder if with a little paint and some paper leaves at the top...hmmm I may try ;)
and finally heres a pic of some unfinished watches ,Im liking the way they are looking , the straps are suede and the faces are reduced on the computer ...they are so tiny ....then I added a tiny drop of tacky glue on top of the images to give them a more 3d look I said not finished but they are working ....I think.


  1. LOVING your work on the plants - the carnations look great to me!! Those watches must be SOOO wincy!! LOL I dunno how you do it! xxxx Great work!

  2. I love your plants and even more, the wrist watches, which are fabulous!
    Hugs, Drora

  3. I'm loving your latest work, Kez! Really fun! xo Jennifer

  4. I LOVE those watches and the plants! They look so real! (Well, they ARE real; perhaps I should have said, "They look so life-sized! And the plants look alive!")