Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The coffee experiment and peg shoes?

 Here is what the coffee coloured glue sticks look like ...its acceptable from a distance but is great for making kitchen messes :) ha ha . As these glue sticks are for attaching hair extentions I will try to get some blonde and play with those too :)
 I came across a malaysian site ok thats not the exact page the shoes are on but Im sure you could find them if you are interested ;)
 they are carved from a peg then the uppers are added ...anyway Im giving them a try.
 Ive had a change of heart on the curtains for my bedroom....this is too dark and impossing for me ...
so I thought Id lighten it up with a pale floral and some amazing lace ...well back to it for me I guess I will have to remake pelmets .


  1. Oooh I love the floral/lace combination! Never thought to use pegs for work either!!
    LOL the coffee experiment is definitely an interesting one - never heard of coloured glue sticks!
    Always love your work sis :) xxxx

  2. you can buy glue sticks in assorted colour packs and even with glitter in them .

  3. Hello Kez,
    The coffee does not look bad at all. Great experiment! I love the new idea for the curtains. It is a gorgeous floral and I just love lace.
    Big hug,

  4. Welcome to my blog, A Fairytale come true. Exciting things you do I love your underwear.