Friday, March 23, 2012


 I think Im addicted to shrinking things .... I cut up a toothpaste tube ( when it was empty)
 then scanned it into the computer, resized it and then printed and cut out the prints.
 I found a cocktail fork was the right size for me to re curve the tube and glue it.
 When it was dry I slid it off the fork and pinched the bottom with a bit of glue inside represent the crimped end
 the other end of the tubes I then glued to paper and left to dry.
 while they were drying I rolled some thin strips of paper into tight coils for the lids.
 when the tube had dried I cut around it so the paper it was glued to closed the round end.
 then I added the coil lids.Toothpaste tubes come in lots of sizes so I made a couple different size.
 as you can see gentle presure on the tube makes it look used.
or how about a new one just being taken from the box :) Well that was fun :) whats next ;)


  1. Awesome!! Wouldn't have thought to do that :) you should start making videos! xxxx

  2. Lol if I did that people would see all my broken nails and bandaids ;)

  3. What a fantastic project to make. You've made it look so real. On the subject of shrinking, I wonder if it would work on my stomach and hips!!

  4. thanks Vicki ...If the shrinking worked Id use it myself !!!!