Monday, April 11, 2011

progress on the desk

The desk disaster is starting to look like it can be far it has been unglued sanded repaired and 2 pieces remade....but it now looks achievable :) also had a go at weaving a laundry basket ....not happy with how the top is finished but will have another attemp soon....ok back to working on the desk :) Have a good day.Oh  BTW if you are interested the basket is woven on white florists wire using crochet cotton ;)


  1. hehe nicely pulled apart, no breaks! Have fun reassembling it! The basket is so cute!! Fiddly work to say the least, had an attempt and failed dismally - you have so much patience :) xx


  2. the only breaks were the ones already there....i fixed them :) its now assembled and waiting for varnish to dry