Friday, April 8, 2011

next disaster

here my next disaster I am going to attempt to rebuild.Its broken ,been assembled unsanded and has bits missing I wonder why some people even bother...also some pics for my SIL of the "house of miniatures 3 pc table"


  1. Wow I love seeing what you get up to on here. just adore the 3pc table - so versatile!!! The drawers will be a challenge for you - I have made a new one up but it's still unfinished and I haven't put the handles on yet, not sure how I want to finish it yet or what room setting it's going into so will leave raw till I work it out LOL HOM kits are so much fun and relaxing to work with hey!! xx

    I'm hoping to be majorly constructive this weekend! Fingers crossed.. lots planned, all depends on the demands of child-with-new-car!

  2. It will be a challange but....since when have I done anything the easy way LOL . Good luck with getting some mini action this weekend.