Sunday, April 17, 2011

tip shop find

 the section so far...
 detail of the wall.
 the planks? I used to cover the wall and some other bits from the kit.
a while ago I bought parts of a wooden boat model kit ....looked like someone had started to build it and gave up.....anyway I thought it would be useful and it is :) The entrance to my house has a large staircase....some of the wood is being used for the stairs. Now one wall , the section beneath the stairs is going to be a timber feature wall, made using some of the ship planks...its shaping up nicely :) am thinking of doing wainscot pannels on the lower section of wall.( also using some timber from the boat kit ;)so my $4.00 scrap from a model is proving useful .Im happy. I also used some laminated wood sheeting from the kit to finish the inside of the archway ...and theres plenty of stuff left in the box for more projects. and Ive stained the basket i made with cold tea ...still not 100% happy with it but am thinking if I dry it completely then rub in some brown shoe polish it may look more like wicker ....guess I just love all the experimentation that Im doing with all this mini stuff :) Oh and I also filled one of my plant pots with a tiny fern? its pieces of a feather thats been dyed green ....has the delicacy of ferns and even moves in the breeze :) overall a good day was had .I hope everyone else had a good day too :)


  1. The wall is coming up great - what a great idea! Going to be fun doing the archway :-o funnily enough, we had a wooden boat kit here too, I think it was Andrews, and I have found some uses for it too - handy to have!!
    The fern.. didn't even think to use feathers - looks wicked..
    oh wicked? LOL the basket - I think it looks good that colour, I guess depends on how dark you want it? Didn't think of tea.. novel idea!

  2. I dont really want the basket much darker was just hoping to add some variation in tone ;)