Thursday, April 21, 2011


ok this strange collection of things are going to turn into cacti for my pots :) tiny bullet shaped pieces of polymer clay ( baked) a dried used tea bag LOL I hate to waste anything ;) and some mohair offcuts from wigging cut into tiny pieces. first coat the clay bullets in glue then roll in the hair ....they get furry :) allow to dry then trim them til you get the look you like. Fill pot with glue and set cacti into it ....then the used tea leaves are sprinkled on to make potting mix...dont worry about getting it on the cacti it will just brush of when the whole thing is dry.....these are what i came up with :) and im guessing you could use airdry clay or anything to model the shapes with ...just paint it green .sorry everthings not in the right order...yet again but im too busy making to try and figure out how to make this work properly.....


  1. Gorgeous Cacti!! Is that a fish plant in the other one? Your pots look really good too - another fine job :))

  2. yeah its an aquarium plant :)