Thursday, April 21, 2011


 My dear sister in law sent me a pile of 1/12 scale pictures so I decided id better try to frame a few ....this frame is made from icypole sticks and coloured with brown shoe polish :)
 Found some buttons that the center pops out the remaining sections make really nice small frames .
and I made a few books ....guessing that means Id better start working on some sort of bookshelf ;)


  1. ahhhh icy pole sticks! Brilliant! The frame came up superbly! Interesting use of buttons too!!
    Was considering a book make over the next few days, going to make some just out of blocks due to lack of printer ink atm.. for now to fill a book shelf I still have to make.. love your covers! Nice work (as usual!)
    ressbl ;-)

  2. the books are just blocks of wood :) covered in textured scrapbboking card