Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mystery box reveal!!!!!!!!

 Remember this? MiniAussie sent me a challenge! A box of mystery items and a deadline as to when we were to finish .OK its not sept 1 but we are keen to see the results.
 In this pic some green gingham and a section of thin dowel :)
 A garden first attempt at a mable finish . Made from sections of cake tiers.
 Assorted jams and pickles gingham and tiny beads cut from the string to represent onions....hopefully you can see them.
 Assorted dowels made into cans of softdrink,and food. Another section of dowel was used for the broom handle.
 More red gingham folded origami style into shirts after it was glued to paper.Some more of the beads used as fastenings and the handle of some bags made from papers.
 A clear plastic cake pillar cut and reassembled into a small table and lamp the edging is done with thin copper adhesive tape that is used in leadlighting.The designs on the table are rub on decals I also used another piece of dowel as the table leg.
 A cookie jar made from a section of cake pillar,button and bead coloured with a gold felt tipped pen
red and green gingham were used to finish this picnic basket I stained a bought basket with wood stain then lined and filled .Well thats all I managed to do I know they are small items but Im pleased with some of the results .I hope it gives you some ideas too :)


  1. OMG Kez they're brilliant!!! I SOOO nearly made a bench like that.. LOVE your ideas and can't believe how different we were! Absolutely LOVE what you came up with!! xxx