Tuesday, August 30, 2011

no sew quilt and weaving.

 This little patchwork quilt was made by joining the seams with hemming tape (also known as fusable webbing) It is available in all kinds of widths but I found it was cheaper to buy the standard hemming tape and cut it to my desired thickness :)
 I bought a book ( yes another one lol)Making 1/12 scale wicker furniture and here is my first project a little woven blanket box.
Then I decided to have a go at a chair but wanted it to look more natural....so instead of using the suggested crochet thread I made it from kitchen twine and It worked quite well I think .


  1. DROOOOL!!!! BEAUTIFUL work!!! Can't wait to get the wicker book now.. omg!!! And how beautiful is the quilt! Great to see you producing masterpieces like that.. sensational!

  2. I really love the quilt and fabric too, very pretty. The wicker pieces are great as well, very good for first efforts.