Sunday, October 2, 2011

new week new lesson to learn.

 This week I began to learn needle felting....something Ive never tried before and this is going to take a lot of practice! But I thought I would share with you my first attempts ...the cat isnt finished . They are both too big but I will learn a little more before attempting to make them smaller ;)
 Here is a little bohemian table lamp I made from findings and 4mm bicones.
 I love these boxes :) Im always looking for storage solutions and discovered these gift boxes at a local discount store .
As you can see they come in quite a range of sizes and for $2 each I thought they were a bargain that would fit into my playroom quite nicely :)


  1. Wow that needlefelting is great - especially for a first attempt! It looks so hard to do (doubt I could even consider it!). Love how your lamp came up too - very pretty!
    A little question - are they all doll house books?? LOL - those boxes are perfect for 'little things' to be stored in ;-)


  2. Um yes they are all dolls house books ...and theres a few more that arent in shot . Thanks for the encouragement on the felting :) Im stubborn ...I will get there in the end ;)

  3. Fantastic results for a first attempt. Imagine what treasures will come out after practice.
    The lamp is great and the boxes a real find.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Thanks Drora I will keep the moment Im using some sheeps fleece that I picked up really cheap ...I have ordered some mohair and a few other fibres ,I will have a go with those when Im comfortable with the techniques.

  5. Your first attempt at needle felting is great. I've been wanting to give it a go myself. Also love your lamp and the storage boxes look very interesting, what a great find! Miniaturists can never have too many storage boxes.

  6. Thanks Sandie ....Yes we need storage boxes ...its finding the room to store the storage boxes that can sometimes be a problem ;) I started this thinking miniatures wont take up much space ha ha ha how wrong was I.

  7. Hi Kez,love your news project!! I invited you to participate in my little plants giveaway,miniregards.