Saturday, October 15, 2011

A busy week but not much to show for it.

 This week Ive been busy making items from the mystery box I cannot show you those. I made this little leather chair from an old handbag I picked up for 50c  and I have enough leather left to make a footstool to match. I wanted the chair to look loved and lived in ,so I roughed up some of the edges of the leather with sandpaper to attemp to age it and Im liking the results.
 Im also still trying to make eyes that look more realistic and I think Im getting somewhere,ok they are a bit rough but this was my first attempt at this method and I seem to have a lot of bubbles in the irises but they are around 2mm size and I know I can improve on them.I like them a lot better than the prevoius eyes I made from canes.
My sis in law reminded me that christmas is comming so I thought Id better think about in in a mini way lol .I bought these sof-twists at big w ...they are like very fluffy chenille sticks/pipe cleaners I love the deep green of them and as you can see , all Im doing is cutting them shorter twisting them together in bunches and glueing them on top of one another . I think it will eventually make a xmas tree , I will trim the finally shape when I decide its tall enough . I hope everyone had a great week :)


  1. LOVE your chair!! Looks soo comfy!! Beautiful :)) Hmmm.. the eyes though.. you planning on making a ghoulish meal? :-0 They're eerie! Cool!!
    Havent' seen those twists, they look perfect for Christmas. One of my Christmas projects is just blogged now :)

  2. No MiniAussie no more ghoulish meals from me wasnt the zombie chicken enough for you ;)

  3. I totally agree with MiniAussies comments. Your chair is fantastic, lovely and well worn. I can't begin to imagine what your plans are for the eyes. Keep us posted. Christmas is certainly coming up fast, lots to do and plans to make!

  4. el sillón desgastado es genial !!

  5. Gracias carmen I liked the way it worked out.