Wednesday, May 9, 2012

new blogger confusion

ok I think people can once again comment ...thanks for letting me know about that Vicki. My last post re procrastination was my way of trying to avoid what Ive descided I  will do anyway.
Its not an issue I am yet comfortable discussing but I have to start I guess.
I suffer from Depression , along with millions of others around the globe. At times I go into a dark place where I loose focus on the important things in life and the things that I enjoy, but I do emerge again so I hope you will all accept that sometimes there may be a break in my postings ....but I will return!

Now thats out of the way here I go before I delete this all again...loads of pics comming up ...I bought a tiny chocolate mould on ebay to try and make tiles ...the squares are 5mm was thinking could be useful for wall tiles etc....and some shots of what the house looks like now...It will get there!


  1. Oh Kez, todos sufrimos la depresión, el algún grado, es algo de la vida cotidiana, te espero para leer tus avances!
    un abrazo

  2. Thanks for sharing, Kez. Depression is very common and even runs in families! It's always a pleasure to hear from you, so when you feel like posting, like now, I'm very happy! :-D Jennifer

  3. Good on you for sharing. I'm sure there will be others who will take strength from you for your honesty. Take care and know that we love to hear from you when you feel able.
    Vicki xx

  4. Es muy comun en estos tiempos la depresion.
    Me ha encantado ver tus trabajos, cuidate.
    besitos ascension

  5. Oooh so nice to see the progress of your house - looks fantastic!! I love your colour choices in your rooms too - beautiful!