Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hobart miniature show

 The theme for tiny roomboxes displayed around long gallery Salamanca was occupations,when I saw this one I had to take a sneaky pic for Miniaussie unfortunately a little blurry but Im sure she will get the idea ;)
 I must be going crazy.....after seeing Miniaussies 1/4 scale room I couldnt help but buy this tiny cottage ,some furniture kits and a book on making 1/4 scale furniture .
 I should learn.....I bought this and even checked in the box to make sure it was ok ....can anyone guess where the price sticker was????? yes hidding the fact that there was a drawer missing...oh well easy fix to make a drawer ;)
 I bought a 1/12th scale shop ...oops
 then I had to buy some fittings for it lol
 My first battery powered light :) for my entry hall it :)I also picked up some taps,hinges and bits for building
and of course I didnt forget miniaussie ....some boots for her shoe collection and a little dog that reminded me of hers :)
I also got a contact number for a group that meets close to my home ,I will call next week and see about checking the place out as they meet on the 1st monday of the month .


  1. Nice bit of shopping!! Shame about the missing drawer - but as we have seen before, I'm sure you'll replace it perfectly! Had a chuckle at the postie pic! Glad you got to go back! :)) xxx

  2. Unas compras preciosas, Espero ver esa pequeña casa
    Un abrazo

  3. Great minis purchases. A group sounds wonderful, especially if it's once a month meeting. You get to change ideas and always learn, as well as teach. You also can buy or import materials and tools that can be shared.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Hi!
    I would love to join a miniature group. Sounds like so much fun. :D
    You have purchased some great things! Love that little dog.
    You asked what size flower punch I used for my Agapanthus - it is 3/8 inch. I bought it online but am sorry I can't remember where? You may find the source in my list of Inspiration Places.
    Hope you have a beautiful day!