Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miniature Enthusiasts of Tasmania

 Remember a while ago I told you about a group that meets near my home....I forgot to tell you how that all went. Wow what a fun bunch of ladies from all walks of life and all ages but we all have miniatures in common. Plenty to learn from each other. New discoveries and new friends to make (as well as loads of mini's) Ive been to 3 monthly meetings now and the christmas get together where we all made this 2inch little box .....I dont think anyone actually got it finished there was far to much socialising going on LOL.I had a great day! My box isnt finished but I thought Iwould share it anyway...
 The inside of the box ....unfinished but you get the idea.
I know this one is sideways :/ but I thought Id share my badge with you I think its unique.It is a map of Tasmania with a dollshouse featuring the MET (Miniature Enthusiasts of Tasmania ) logo . Im proud to wear it! :) I hope everyone has a wonderful day...

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