Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little projects

The desk is a kit ...Im enjoying these. Coffee pot is beads and findings like the result.Stool is a cage from a champagne bottle....sprayed black and the metal top covered in a scrap of leather.The spiral books are a free printable from so all in all a productive few days.As you can see work still continues on the house :)


  1. I love the kits too.. they're fun! I have 3 to make and 2 to 'finish' (ie not sure what kind of finish I want on them yet)
    I just adore the stool it's adorable - fantastic job!! Such cute little books!!!
    Where on earth are you going to keep your house when it's built? it's HUGE LOL - looking good!!!

    it's: guicapp

  2. PS wow that coffee pot is so cute!


  3. um why do you think I NEED my daughter to collect the rest of her stuff....or sell it LOL I need the space ;)