Friday, March 25, 2011

Still playing :)

 my first adaptation of a pattern....almost worked.
 This one is much better the jumper is adapted from one of Lindsey Minnerellis' patterns...hers was for a cable knit jumper. Im happy with the results :)
before and after....1/24th scale chair. I half stripped back the varnish removed the one was broken and made a padded leather seat and back for it. oops this should be at the top LOL not very technology savvy.The bottom image is a outfit knitted in tatting thread and a baby bouncer that I made.


  1. Wow 1:24! So intricate - nice job!! Love that jumper too it's superb! Doh it's all great! You've been very busy hey :))
    ooh love the word of the day: skark!

  2. PS: Paper clip? What did you use to strip the chair? Just a paint stripper? I'm wanting to strip a few pieces I have here.

    word: modsisfo

  3. actually i just sanded the old varnish off

  4. Paper clip? do you mean the frame for the bouncer? If so its plastic covered copper wire taped together at the overlap with electrical tape.