Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mystery box

I was expecting some books from my sister in law ....the books arrived along with a mystery box and a challenge. The box had instructions on it that said I have been challenged to make something from the contents of the box and my sis in law has the same items...we can add to the items and have a 3 month time limit to create :) Im loving this ,It will be exciting as we are very different and I cant wait to see what she comes up with.
 I finally managed to find some fabric for my kitchen curtains pleaased with the match of colours  :)
 My latest project the moment it looks a bit of a mess but I assure you it will become a embroidered least I hope so ....the flowers are so tiny to work and the light isnt good here during fingers crossed ;)
and these are the wonderful books my sis in law sent me for my birthday :) Thankyou so much Mini mum .


  1. OMG!! Your embroidery is beautiful!! I'm really really looking forward to the finished product.. love the curtain material too! Looks like your place is coming up an absolute treat!
    Glad you enjoyed the challenge.. must get to work on it haha, it IS a bit of a buzz isn't it ;-) I have a couple of ideas in mind so will get to work during this coming long weekend.. spewing I have a wedding to go to on Saturday, interrupts the thought process LOL
    Enjoy :) & keep up the brilliant work! xxxx

  2. thanks lol Mini Aussie not mini mum what was I thinking doh!