Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing with buttons

 1st experiment ....2 buttons ,1 eye hook ,1 plastic earing back .
If the buttons do not have a center hole carefully drill one around 1mm to fit the eye pin, then tread on the smallest button and glue into position. When this has dried slip the lager button onto eye hook followed by the earing back then trim the eye pin to the desired height.
 makes a passable cake server ...when I add the cakes etc the holes in the buttons will be covered, but I guess you could always fill them in before you begin.
 concave shank button,jewelry findings  :) just trim and glue together makes intersting dishes ...perhaps fruit bowls or just dishes to hold collections of tiny shells or stones etc.
 a closer look.
 my pen and button glasses :) really happy these worked.
 view showing the coloured bottom of glass ....a tiny button
 A pen and all the sections I cut from it (after removing the ink chamber)The handle of the jug is made from a scaboodle ( thin plastic tubes) I filled the glasses with glass silicon tinted with acrylic colour ...I have ez water but am yet to try it....I thought the silicon would be thicker and not seep through the button holes. The ice cubes are simply scrap bits of plastic sprue ( from hubbys model kit scraps) cut into tiny pieces. :)
 A plastic test tube hopefully you can see I bought them containing seed beads from a discount store ;) and a button....
simply cut the tube to the desired height ,fill and glue to the button ....Mine has a tiny shell and some moss to hopefully represent coral. Unfortunately thats all I can show now as everything else I have been working on is from the challenge box sent to me by my sis in law ....and we have descided we will not reveal what we made from the items in the box until september 1st :( Really excited to see what she has created and looking forward to sharing my little attempts.

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  1. Wow you've been busy!! Firstly - those cake stands - GREAT idea - would never have thought of using buttons - they look excellent!

    Love how the glasses came up too - LOL silly me - when you said glasses.. I was thinking 'spectacles' and could not for the life of me think HOW you could make some out of pens??

    The dome! Ahh a button! (why again didn't I think of that for my lamp) was thinking of a dome too with my other one.. will have to be inventive with it's filling so it's different - I love it. The coral looks perfect too - your mind thinks in such artistic ways!

    What a great post !! xx