Sunday, July 17, 2011

My week

Ibegan the week with a crazy idea to attempt to scratch build a piece of furniture.I have only ever built from kits before so here are my first attempts.The First is a small tea towel rail made from icy pole sticks (stirrers)
 Then the rest of the week has been spent making this chair :) I am so pleased at how its worked out. I even did the needlework for the seat ....Im not crazy yet am I LOL
 So now I will show you what the chair is made from.......
 A craftwood door hanger and a section of a wooden fan!!!!The craftwood was a little thick for some sections but it was easy enough to split with a craft knife.
This week also bought some gifts from MiniAussie and they are really beautiful I hope to attempt to start on them this week.She also bought me 2 beautiful turned pieces,a vase and a bowl I love them! Thanks again xxx

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  1. OOOOMG WOW!!!!!! I just LOVE what you've made!!! They're both to die for!! You are so clever with craft I envy you - sensational!!! Now the big question is - are you going to make more chairs (ie to make a set?) - your efforts have definitely been worth it - well done!!!
    Must get some info on where you get your brushes and stuff, you know I'll be in touch ;-) Glad you like your little gifts, only small but like I said.. was overwhelmed at that show haha!