Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When will I learn?

Just when will I learn that 1/12th scale doesnt directly translate into 1/12th the time or effort . Sometimes I forget that the tools I am working with are so much smaller ....and I think , its only little it wont take long. Well thats just not true for me anyway ;) but I have completed something this week...a granny rug. I have never made a full size one of these as my mum and aunt used to make them for my kids ,so this is my first attempt at making one :)
 I went away last weekend and couldnt resist picking up a few bits and pieces ;) These vases are about 1 1/2 inches tall maybe too big but I liked them :)
 assorted findings and a mirror pendant which is almost a ready made dolls house mirror....Had to have the 5 inch manequin, not sure how I will use it yet ....but Im sure I will . I also got some thick card and 27 count canvas.
Oh and I picked these up at a market :) a brass lamp and couldron , a cute kitten and a couple of really sweet plants :) so all in all I had a great weekend shopping LOL


  1. Me gusta mucho tu colcha tejida y tus compras fantásticas.
    Un abrazo

  2. I just adore that granny rug - lots and lots of work in it and it's paid off! Love all the stuff you have bought too - I saw that mirror in spotlight and almost lashed out haha!! Its perfect :) How cute are the little plants - & other bits from the market too :)

  3. Thanks MiniAussie ,I like the rug but am glad its done Im keen to make another chair and figure out hoe to make a matching table ;)

  4. I love the little rug, the colours are beautiful. Perhaps you could use the vases as large urns in a victorian house. Also love the brass lamp. I have quite a few of the little potted orchids, bought them really cheap from ebay but there is also a shop in Ballarat that sells them.It's exciting to look at a collection of goodies and think of what you will do with them.

  5. Thanks Sandie ,Urns sound like a great idea and I have checked out the plants on ebay thanks. Hmm yes what to do with all the bits and pieces lol I guess i will just play with them for a while and see if anything happens ;)