Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nail Art?

 Strange tittle but thats the catagory on ebay that I found some really useful things ....we all know about the fimo slices and rods....and that embossing tools can be found much cheaper there ...(known as dotting tools or marbling tools) and that there is a large array of tiny paintbrushes at great prices! But I didnt know about these .....they are nail art stencils ( actually discs of metal embossed with tiny designs) how they work is you smear acrylic paint onto the surface of the design you want ,then quickly scrape off excess paint ,then press an eraser onto the painted surface and use this to transfer the design....I used this method to get the fine foliage lines on the clock ;)
 Impossible for me to get a good shot of these but they are 3d molds for creating dimensional work on acylic nails. Easy  to use with nail polish or acylic although the paint takes a lot longer  to dry. Easy stuff just fill the cavity with your desired colour ....and wait.......yes It takes a while to dry ( Ive found its better to fill the molds in the evening for use the next day)
 Grr more blur but you will get the idea these are what comes out of the molds and I guess the uses are only limited by your imagination.,.....another blurry shot but here are some decorating a cake :)


  1. SO tiny! Looks like you've had a lot of fun with these, doubt I could do it without breaking it all ;-) Love the cake - the nail art is a winner! xxx

  2. Isn't Ebay fantastic for finding the very thing you weren't looking for but when you see it, you can't live without it!!
    A suggestion for the blurry photo's that you might like to try. Hold the camera a bit back from the subject and use the zoom to come in closer. It usually works for me.
    Take care, Sandie.

  3. Thanks Sandie I will try that next time